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About City Business Links

City Business Links is an award winning collection of local online business networking and support platforms that are dedicated to one objective, helping our members do more business, find more support and make larger savings.

We are your gateway to local special offers, business discounts, business events, business growth and business support. Connecting you with other like-minded business owners and business savings throughout your City and other Cities around the world.

City Business Links delivers genuine local business services, local business connections and support in a secure and trusted local business networking environment, where our members can connect and communicate with one another at a local level, working together to grow and prosper whilst providing real quantifiable value to each other's businesses.

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About Our Service

All of our city business networks are 100% permission based so if you wish, you only develop contacts that are relevant and of value to your business.
City Business Links is committed to providing a whole of life business networking and support experience for our members, which means we not only help businesses start, but help them grow, develop, trade and succeed for the entire life of their business, providing an easy to use resource for every step of the journey.
So why not select your city today and join for free to start promoting your business, products or services through our purpose built Business Exchange system, access the latest business savings through our business offers area, hold online meetings with our live video meeting rooms, access over 4,000 genuine business support documents, upload a video about your business and images of your products or create your own industry specific groups.

About Our Objectives

The main objective of City Business Links, the business network, is to help you grow your business by providing an exclusive business community for local business networking, where you can connect with other local, like-minded business owners, trade partners and support services in your city and then other cities or regions around the world.

City Business Links is all about business networking, doing more business, finding ,more support, promoting your business, growing your business by making real online and physcial business connections that you get to know and trust.

Unlike many other business networks, City Business Links is not about connecting with old friends or colleagues, pitching to a room full of sales people or posting your day to day activities, we are all about real business networking that delivers results for your business.

Whilst we can do this, we are not really about connecting you with Mr X in country Y, someone who you may never meet or really get to know, let alone find out all about their business, we are all about introducing you to Mr A in your city who can provide you with a local solution, a real relationship and a real service that is on your own doorstep. Someone you can actually do real business with not just another avatar.

City Business Links is a local business network that was built by business people for business people with the objective of becoming an invaluable tool in the development and growth of your business and online networking strategy.

City Business Links has been developed as a local business networking hub to provide a secure, business driven environment dedicated to the success and prosperity of our members, where businesses can connect and engage with one another whilst having direct access to one another through local events and real actual business meetings.

The ultimate objective of City Business Links is to eventually pass the ownership of the business network back the members of the business network in the development of the first business member co-operative community that is owned and operated by its members for the sole interests of its members.

So why not join today and join in the City Business Links, local business networking revolution, we exist for the benefit of our members and are committed to helping you to grow your business and develop your business contacts in your city and throughout the world.