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CBL Launch in San Antonio

City Business Links are proud to announce the launch of their business network in San Antonio. City Business Links have brought their award winning, online business network to San Antonio, delivering business support, huge business savings, local business engagement, local physical business meetings and local business growth throughout San Antonio.
San Antonio City Business Links is owned and operated by FIOFRO Limited and delivered through our exclusive city partners in San Antonio. This is a state of the art platform, focused on helping the businesses in San Antonio to do more business with one another, get to know one another, create and attend physical meetings within the city, make huge business savings, access genuine business support and funding and growing the local economy.

The City Business Links Platforms have been designed by business people to serve business people and boasts one of the largest business support document vaults in Europe, it has a special area to access the latest business savings and is 100% permission based so that people only build business relations with businesses that are relevant to them.
Businesses inside San Antonio and the surrounding area can join the network for free to see how this new service can benefit their business.
A spokesperson from FIOFRO stated; "We are proud of what we have accomplished with the development of City Business Links in a number of cities around the world, our original background was from creating business support platforms for local authorities in the UK, so to roll out our own offering to help businesses grow and prosper is very close to our hearts, we look forward working in San Antonio".